Vault 1

Are you looking for a place to store your vehicle?

Our discrete indoor vehicle storage facility located 6 miles from Newport Shropshire, half a mile off the A41, catering for all classic, historic, vintage motorcycles or modern cars.

The site is a fully modernised farm trading estate and adjacent to our own private classic car collection and restoration premises. Each vehicle has its own allocated space and the facility is fully air conditioned with an online security and CCTV monitoring. We take pride in making sure your vehicle is returned in equal or better condition than when it arrived! So, take a look at our other services on offer, below.

Our Services

  • The vault is dehumidified and heated for the optimum storage environment.
  • All spaces have an electric socket for the connection of a battery.
  • Vehicles can be covered in a breathable dust cover.
  • Valeting service available.
  • Vehicle transportation is available through a reliable local provider.
  • Pick up or drop off at a local station for their vehicle can be arranged at extra cost.
  • Minor paint or body work repair service available on site.

Just because a vehicle is not in use, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t need maintenance or looking after. Here at Vault 1, service work is available on site or from one of our partner providers.

Prices (subject to VAT)

Vehicles up to 4.90 meters in length £130.00 per month
Vehicles between 4.91 - 5.0 meters £140.00 per month
Vehicles over 5.00 meters in length Please enquire
Motorcycles £45.00 per month


  • Minimum storage period is 3 months.
  • Charge payable 3 monthly in advance from the day of the vehicles deposit.
  • Vehicle movement days are Thursday and Friday but other days are available by arrangement.
  • Customers must maintain their own insurance and provide evidence of their insurance cover including that your insurance provider has been informed that your vehicle is being stored at Vault 1.
  • Secondary fire, theft and accidental damage insurance is included.
  • Customers may not remove their vehicle if there are any outstanding storage charges due.
  • Customers must give at least 3 working days’ notice on their intention to temporarily remove the vehicle and 1 weeks’ notice to remove the vehicle permanently.
  • Notifications of movements must be confirmed by email to
  • Vault 1 requires 1 weeks’ notice for customers’ first bookings unless specifically agreed. Full customer details will be required upon booking and any changes of address or contact details during the storage period.
  • On arrival, the vehicle will be fully inspected and a photographic record taken of its condition. To avoid any disputes regarding the vehicle’s condition during the storage period, a vehicle inspection form will be completed and countersigned by the owner or the owner’s representative.
  • Clients will be provided with the Vault 1 location when their account is opened and their deposit has been paid.

Looking for a tracker system for your car?

Specially developed to protect unpowered or infrequently used assets to avoid draining your cars battery. Battery Powered, Retrieve has its own power source and does not need to be wired into the electrical system of your vehicle.

The unit is easy to fit and uses our unique and patented VHF technology and is operated by all UK police forces. The police can employ the precision of the VHF technology to track a stolen vehicle to its exact location for a fast and effective recovery of your stolen assets.

Get your first 3 months free after registration of the tracker system.

Features of Battery Powered Retrieve:

  • A unique patented VHF technology, enabling Tracker to track stolen vehicles even when they are stored in lock-ups, containers or underground car parks
  • A long battery life with up to 5 years standby
  • Easy installation in vehicles or hired assets
  • High tech VHF tracking that is not affected by GPS/GSM signal jammers
  • Full nationwide support from the UK police force
  • Tracking coverage throughout the UK as well as France, Spain, Poland, Italy, Luxembourg and Holland.


Features of Tracker Nano:

  • GPS based vehicle and asset tracker
  • Self-powered by built-in power source
  • Discrete matchbox sized device
  • 2 year battery life
  • Daily GPS location updates
  • Unsusceptible to GPS wanding by thieves. Easily self-installed on wehicles or non-powered assets
  • Access to Tracker Touch app
  • Nationwide support from all UK police forces 24/7 monitoring via Secure Operating Centre secured by Design Accredited
  • For assets that operate in harsh environments, an IP rated box can be purchased seperately to encase the Nano device.

Nano is a small battery powered device using GPS technology to offer a low cost stolen vehicle tracking solution. As Nano has a built-in power source, it overcomes the issue of power drain on your asset’s battery, even if it’s left unused for a long period of time.

The dormant Tracker can be activated in the event of theft to provide Tracker’s control centre with regular GPS positions. Tracker’s control centre will then liaise directly with the police to aid tracking using Tracker’s unique relationship with all UK police forces. 

The Nano’s discrete size of less than 5 centimetres square means it can be easily self-installed onto almost any powered or non-powered asset.

Find My Vehicle Set Geofences Battery Health Event Tracking

Vehicle tracking at the touch of a button. Access additional Nano features, such as geofence alerts, event tracking and battery health, via the Tracker Touch app.

Tracker Touch is a free, easy to use app that brings the power of Nano to the palm of your hand. Stay connected and in control, with 24/7 visibility of your vehicle’s location and the ability to manage your account.

To find out more today, get in touch with our team here at Vault 1.

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