Welder Training


At Hampton Industrial Consulting, we are proud to offer welding and industrial training from basic start up to advanced and certified levels.

  • Welder Approvals / Codings to EN ISO 9606

  • UKAS Accredited laboratory Used
  • MIG/MAG/TIG/MMA Training Courses

  • From Basic Training to Certified Qualification
  • Free Friendly No Obligation Quotations

  • Group Discounts on Approvals

Welder Training and Certification

We can provide welder training and approval witnessing at a customer site providing there are suitable facilities and welding equipment of a suitable type and in good working condition. If this is not available, we can provide equipment or advise as required.

We offer CSWIP qualified personnel to present the welder training & to witness welder approvals in accordance with the relevant ISO standards.

Training courses can be specifically designed as required to suit the needs of a business, ensuring staff members develop the skills to carry out welding tasks competently and to the relevant standard, thus satisfying a business customers and any insurance or audit requirements.

welder training
welding training

Welding can often be seen as a complicated and daunting skill to learn, so we can also offer basic welder training for people who’ve never even welded before. Our trainer will take them through the operation and safety aspects of the chosen welding process and the various types of machine, then provide practical training on various types of materials or applications common to your industry.

If there is a particular joint, job or part of the process that requires detailed training, a training course can be tailored to suit.

We can also provide equipmet or machine training and set up courses to ensure all staff are up to speed and comfortable with the equipment they will be operating.

All courses can be combined or customised to suit the individual requirements of a business.

We also offer third party welder approval witnessing for ISO 9606 parts 1 and 2 along with the creation of welding procedures in accordance with ISO 15614.

All our welder approval testing is carried out in accordance with the ISO standards and at a UKAS Audited welding engineering laboratory.

We can also offer consultancy services for the creation of any workshop welding documentation or provide assistance in the preparation for ISO 3834 based audits.

Our courses include:

  • Basic MIG/MAG, TIG and MMA Welding Courses

  • Advanced Welding Process training.

  • Responsible Welding Co-Ordination Training Course for ISO 1090/UK Audits

  • Welder Safety Courses, covering the workshop and site safety aspects for welding

At Hampton Industrial Consulting we can also offer courses for all aspects of Hot Work within the fabrication industry.

We can also offer courses covering the following:

Oxy-Fuel Gas Equipment, The Safe Use and Operation of Industrial Gas and Equipment.

The Safe Handling of Gas Cylinders in the workplace.

The Health and Safety of Hot Works.

Cutting and Burning Equipment, The Safe Use and Operation.

Plasma Cutting Equipment, The Safe and Operation.

Abrasive Wheels training in accordance with HSG27 with optional City and Guild Certification.

We can also offer the following fabrication workshop testing services:


BCGA CP& and CP47 inspections for Oxy-Fuel systems and for individual gas cylinder regulators.

The annual Calibration and Validation of Arc welding Equipment

For further information, quotations and course details please contact us below