Welder Training


At Hampton Industrial Consulting, we are proud to offer welding and industrial training from basic start up to advanced and certified levels.

  • Welder Approvals / Codings to EN ISO 9606

  • UKAS Accredited laboratory Used
  • MIG/MAG/TIG/MMA Training Courses

  • From Basic Training to Certified Qualification
  • Free Friendly No Obligation Quotations

  • Group Discounts on Approvals

Welder Training and Certification

We can provide welder training and approval witnessing at a customer site providing there are suitable facilities and welding equipment of a suitable type and in good working condition. If this is not available, we can provide equipment or advise as required.

We offer CSWIP qualified personnel to present the welder training & to witness welder approvals in accordance with the relevant ISO standards.

Training courses can be specifically designed as required to suit the needs of a business, ensuring staff members develop the skills to carry out welding tasks competently and to the relevant standard, thus satisfying a business customers and any insurance or audit requirements.

welder training
welding training

Welding can often be seen as a complicated and daunting skill to learn, so we can also offer basic welder training for people who’ve never even welded before. Our trainer will take them through the operation and safety aspects of the chosen welding process and the various types of machine, then provide practical training on various types of materials or applications common to your industry.

If there is a particular joint, job or part of the process that requires detailed training, a training course can be tailored to suit.

We can also provide equipmet or machine training and set up courses to ensure all staff are up to speed and comfortable with the equipment they will be operating.

All courses can be combined or customised to suit the individual requirements of a business.

We also offer third party welder approval witnessing for ISO 9606 parts 1 and 2 along with the creation of welding procedures in accordance with ISO 15614.

All our welder approval testing is carried out in accordance with the ISO standards and at a UKAS Audited welding engineering laboratory.

We can also offer consultancy services for the creation of any workshop welding documentation or provide assistance in the preparation for ISO 3834 based audits.

Our courses include:

  • Basic MIG/MAG, TIG and MMA Welding Courses

  • Advanced Welding Process training.

  • Responsible Welding Co-Ordination Training Course for ISO 1090/UK Audits

  • Welder Safety Courses, covering the workshop and site safety aspects for welding

At Hampton Industrial Consulting we can also offer courses for all aspects of Hot Work within the fabrication industry.

We can also offer courses covering the following:

Oxy-Fuel Gas Equipment, The Safe Use and Operation of Industrial Gas and Equipment.

The Safe Handling of Gas Cylinders in the workplace.

The Health and Safety of Hot Works.

Cutting and Burning Equipment, The Safe Use and Operation.

Plasma Cutting Equipment, The Safe and Operation.

Abrasive Wheels training in accordance with HSG27 with optional City and Guild Certification.

We can also offer the following fabrication workshop testing services:


BCGA CP& and CP47 inspections for Oxy-Fuel systems and for individual gas cylinder regulators.

The annual Calibration and Validation of Arc welding Equipment

Welding Machine Calibration to the Latest IEC 60974-14 Standard.

If your business has a BS or ISO quality standard in place or you are working towards CE or UKCA accreditation, your procedures will require annual calibration of your welding equipment!

welding machine in use

So What welding machines need to  be calibrated?

Any welding power source including Mig, Tig, MMA & Submerged Arc that is fitted with an AMP and Volt meter, either digital or analogue.

Any welding power source that has controls marked with scales indicating Amps and/or Volts, will require a ‘Validation’ and this still provides a valid certificate if successful.

It is though recommend that digital meters are  fitted to machines to be able to provide a full calibration and so the welder can follow the meter readouts when performing specific weld procedures.

If welding equipment has no meters and no scales marked it cannot be calibrated, but we can fit a digital meter kit to almost any machine. Our digital meter kits are installed by our engineer and calibrated to suit that specific machine on site, thus resulting in minimal downtime. Once the digital meter kit has been fitted and calibrated, your business will receive a calibration certificate valid for 12 months. 

These meters including fitting cost Approx £255.00 plus VAT each.
The kit takes our engineer about 1 hour to fit and can be located anywhere suitable on the machine. 

What if my machine fails the tests?

If the meters that are already fitted to your machine do not work, are damaged, are inaccurate or fail the calibration test we will replace the faulty meters & fit one of our new digital meter kit or manufacturers replacement parts, subject to availability.

Once the digital meter kit has been fitted & calibrated to the machine, you will receive a calibration certificate valid for 12 months.

We can also calibrated the wire feed speed display if the MIG welding  machine has a digital display that shows the wire feed speed in a measurement such as m/min. This is often also a requirement for CE and UKCA Audits and ensures weld procedures and WPS are followed accurately.


Prices start from £35.00 per machine plus VAT and Travel charges

Wire Feed Calibrations are charged at an extra £5.00 plus VAT per machine

AC/DC TIG Welders require 2 tests, one for AC and one for DC operation.

Digital Meter Kits for MIG Welders

The Calimeter 602 gives an instant calibration status on any DC MMA/Mig power source in compliance with IEC 60794-14  (calibration of welding equipment) and ISO 9000 (quality systems) suitable for any MMA or Mig upto 600 amps making it ideal for use on most power sources in the field. 

The units are arc voltage powered and can be fitted and running in minutes. 

Both come calibrated for 1 year. 

Accuracy of the meters is typically better than 1%, lengthy calibration/validation procedures will be a thing of the past.  The zinc plated steel cabinet is robustly constructed to withstand the toughest on-site and in-house conditions.  These units are designed to give many years of service. 

On-Site fitting cost Approx. £255.00 plus VAT each.

callmeter 602

Calimeter 602 – Plant Version


Width : 250mm

Height : 150mm

Depth : 75mm

Weight : 2.4kg

The meter unit is specifically designed to be easily fixed to a separate power source using the mounting holes.

call meter

Calimeter 602 – Portable Version


Width : 170mm

Height : 105mm

Depth : 155mm

Weight : 2.3kg

The meter can be positioned adjacent to the operator, particularly useful when the operator is working a long way from a power source or simply placed on top of your welder. This version is more suited for compact welders.

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