Industrial Equipment


Do you have a new project, product or manufacturing area to plan, implement or develop?

At Edgmond Group Ltd, our Engineering and Fabrication Consultants can use their 50 plus years of knowledge and experience to your benefit.

As specialists in welding, sawing, punching in the steel fabrication industry, we can advise, design or supervise projects as required by a client.

Over the years we have designed, supplied and setup several university and college welding workshops to meet the demand of the education institutions and course requirements.

Our consultants have designed numerous bespoke machine solutions to solve numerous client manufacturing problems or job requirements.

industrial equipment

At Edgmond Group Ltd, we solve problems, devise solutions, design systems and machines as required by our clients.

We can then source, advise, install, commission and train on any machinery, equipment or solutions required and purchased.

The whole service can be backed up with an extensive range of on-site training for the solutions provided, along with existing welding and fabrication equipment.

We can advise and train staff in the latest Health and Safety requirements for the fabrication industry including those related to welding fume control.

We have  a demonstration machine available, which was set up as a Thermal Dynamics UK based demonstration unit and is currently in the table manufacturers demonstration building in Oldbury.

This machine is equipped with Thermal Dynamics ULTRACUT 200 XT cutting system which is the top specification high definition power source and software package iCNC.

See the pictures of our Demo table which we have available.

The Ultimate in Plasma Cutting:

  • Including delivery, operator training and 12 months warranty.

  • We have a large capacity screw compressor with a dryer matched to it if required.

  • Finance terms available subject to status.

Thermal Dynamics ULTRACUT 200 XT is a 3mtr x 1.5 mtr table with 65mm thickness cut capacity in mild steels with edge start or 40mm pierce capacity with heavy duty stainless water bed. Capacity is reduced for Aluminium and copper alloys by around 30%.

The system is also equipped with the Thermal Dynamics water mist system which will provide almost laser finish on thinner materials and stainless steel.

This is the ultimate in plasma cutting but with a simple and reliable control and software package and the support of one of the world’s best manufacturers.

The full specification can be seen by looking at Thermal Dynamics website for Ultra-Cut XT.


This package would have a normal quotation cost in excess of £80,000 but will be available with price from Thermal Dynamics deducted reducing the cost to £63,000.

This package is now available for immediate delivery and commissioning.

For more information, contact Steve Woodhouse on 07485083051 or email

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